A new luxury hotel in Scottsville, Arizona, is bringing the minimalist aesthetic to the city. 

Bev, as the building is called, is the latest to be developed by architect David Folsom and his team at the firm Landscape Architects. 

It’s the latest in a line of developments by the company. 

Folsom’s work includes the Lincoln, a hotel and residential complex in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Tower, a resort complex in San Diego that was designed by Robert Redford. 

“It’s a very small town, so it has the right mix of architecture and landscape,” said Landscape Architect Michael Kupferski, who’s worked with Folson’s group. 

The hotel’s design uses a large central courtyard and a rooftop deck overlooking the city, both of which are designed to focus attention on the city and its residents. 

This allows the designers to use a wide variety of materials and architectural styles. 

Landscapes can have a dramatic effect on urban design and architecture, as they are not only designed to improve the appearance of a building but also help it stand out in the crowd. 

In the case of the Scottsite, Folsom’s team designed the design to reflect the city’s history and its vibrant culture. 

Its design incorporates a combination of contemporary and traditional elements. 

For example, the rooftop deck has a large window overlooking the ocean, which also allows for natural light. 

There are also open spaces that give the interior room to breathe. 

A large outdoor balcony that can accommodate four-and-a-half-stories allows the architects to include an outdoor courtyard and create an intimate setting for visitors. 

And, while the hotel itself is made of mostly concrete, there is also a large open space below the roof. 

Kupfrski said that the project is intended to help the city revitalize, so they’re trying to avoid a building that could become an eyesore. 

(Via: The Phoenix New Times)

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