Green interior designers have created a home in the Victorian town of Cottesloe, with an eye to greening its streets.

Key points:Green interior design has become a buzzword in the Melbourne community with residents and business owners talking about how they will feel in the futureThe house will be home to a solar panel installation with its solar panels covering the exterior, while the house itself will be made up of recycled materials to reduce the energy use and increase the environmentThe green home is set to house a solar array that will provide electricity to the house, as well as to its surrounding area.

The new home, located in the town of Coos Bay, will be the first in Melbourne to be made of recycled material and green technology.

The project, called The Green House, is being developed by Melbourne architect Peter Krakowiak.

Mr Krakowski said the project would be a natural progression for the community.

“It’s a bit of a challenge to have something in the way of energy and resources that are a challenge for the average homeowner, so this has been a very natural thing that has been developed,” he said.

“In Melbourne there’s a lot of green energy and there are many different green projects, but I think this will be something that’s very unique.”

Mr Krakekowsky said the new home was designed to create the feel of a community centre.

“There will be a green roof, there will be solar panels, there’s going to be a water tank, there’ll be composting, there are going to work areas,” he told

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