Interior design is one of the most coveted professions in the country, and it’s no secret that it’s very lucrative.

The most popular interior design firms have a huge following.

In 2017, they were named by Forbes magazine as the world’s most influential business leaders.

But for the past three years, one of India’s most prestigious interior design schools has been quietly being closed down.

The school was started in 2012 by a couple of professors who were passionate about interior design.

The idea was to train a generation of graduates who would help build India’s vibrant and diverse interior design sector.

The students were selected for their dedication to the profession and their ability to build on the past and the present.

The two professors, M.N. Srivastava and M.K. Subrahmanyam, had no formal training in interior design, but were passionate, and had been working in the industry for over a decade.

Their students were mostly professionals, and were trained by leading architects and designers, as well as professionals from the city.

But now, they are no more.

In January, they announced they would close the school.

The closure was announced by the Education Ministry in a notice posted on its website.

It said that the students would be transferred to the School of Modern Design in Hyderabad.

It also said that “any future work by these students will be completed by the end of this year.”

This is the second time the school has been closed.

In 2016, it was closed due to budget cuts, and in 2017 it was also closed due a shortfall in the number of students.

But there were no formal reasons given for the closure, and the students were not notified.

The notice said that these students would no longer be working at the school and would be given the opportunity to work for another agency or NGO, which is why they had to apply for the transfer.

The notice also said the closure was to ensure that the school could continue to be operated as a non-profit organisation, and that it could continue offering the courses it had offered for the last three years.

The Education Ministry did not reply to questions about the closure.

The head of the school, V.M. Bajaj, was unavailable for comment.

But a former student told The Hindu that the closure of the interior design school is very unfortunate.

He said that while there were many interior designers, the quality of students was poor.

He also pointed out that there was a very small number of people who were part of the group who were involved in the work.

He also said they were not allowed to teach at other institutions.

“We were taught by a very good architect who was also a good interior designer.

I am not saying that he was the best architect, but I do believe that he did the best job he could,” the former student said.

The former student added that while he was a student, he was not allowed any formal training and he had no idea of what the school was about.

He had no clue about the history of the institute, how many students had gone through it, or what they were doing there.

He added that there were not enough people who could work on the school’s design work, so he had to teach it himself.

“We were not taught to work as architects or designers.

We were taught to build things and I have done that for three years now,” he said.

I think the students had been taught to be architects, but they were told not to do anything except build things.

They were not told what they should be working on, how to design buildings or how to be good designers.

That’s why I was a bit surprised to see this.

I thought, ‘What a joke!

Why did they shut the school down?’

We had to tell them, ‘We can’t do this at home.

You have to go to a school,'” he said, adding that they did not get the guidance from the staff about how to teach their own work.

Bajaj told The Hindustan Times that he would not be commenting on the students’ work because it was “confidential”.

A senior minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, who heads the ministry, did not respond to a question from The Hindu about the school closure. “

I have asked the ministry to tell me what is going on,” he added.

A senior minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, who heads the ministry, did not respond to a question from The Hindu about the school closure.

In a written response, he said: “The Ministry has recently received the notice from the education department to close the institute.

The government will take all appropriate steps to ensure its survival.

We have instructed all schools in the state to close down.

The Ministry will also take appropriate steps towards the establishment of the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Ministry of Science and Technology and will provide all assistance and support to the students.”

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