MICHELINES – An innovative and inspiring design students are struggling to find work in the design industry, after having a year off.

Key points:Teachers have struggled to find enough students to design their next classThe students say the lack of a steady stream of graduates is a major obstacleThey say the shortage of graduates means designers are unable to find design jobsThe students, who came from China, Korea, the United States and Taiwan, say their school had a shortage of students to create their next design class.

Teacher Kim Yoon-jae says she has struggled to recruit enough students for her design classes.

“The problem is that the design school has a shortage and that is a huge issue for the students,” Ms Yoon said.

“If we can’t find enough people to design, then what are we going to do?”

We are not able to hire a design student to design our next class because we have no way of knowing how many students are interested in the job.

“Students say they were discouraged from applying to design schoolThe students are frustrated by the lack.”

We wanted to do design-related courses so that we could become better at designing,” said Seo Young-hyun.”

Now that we are here, I can only imagine what we are going to become if we are unable learn new skills in design.””

I am worried about our future because we are just going to be unable to teach design.

“In the end, the only thing we can do is try to find other jobs, otherwise we will never find the work that we need.”

Ms Yoon, who works in the business of designing and manufacturing, says the shortage is a big issue for students.

“There is a shortage in the number of design students in the country and the reason for that is that there are not enough designers in the world,” she said.

“In my class, we are getting so many students that we can barely teach them the basics.”

Ms Young-Hyun said she felt frustrated by students who were discouraged to apply for design school.

“Many students are having trouble finding jobs in design because of the shortage,” she added.

“It is hard for the design students to get jobs in the industry.”‘

We’re all going to die’The students also believe that the lack in designers is a key reason behind their lack of work.

“Our design class is really important to us because we know that we will die because we don’t have a good design,” said Ms Ye-jeong.

“So, we have to find new ways to support our students to become successful designers.”

Ms Ye-Jeong said she feels very lonely and frustrated.

“Every time I see students in our class who have been in the art world, I feel lonely,” she explained.

“I can’t relate to them because I can’t see them being successful.”

Ms Yong-sik said she has a plan to recruit more students to her design class, but said it was a big task.

“This is a lot for me to do because I am a school teacher, but I can barely afford it,” she lamented.

“Even though we have more students than ever, the students who are applying for our design class are so discouraged by the job market.”

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