Interior design and design in the 1920s were an increasingly popular profession in the US.

In the 1930s, interior design was a major industry, and it was common for architects to make their own interior designs to meet client needs.

The first commercial designs were usually based on ideas from other architects, and were often very detailed.

One of the most famous and influential examples of an interior design in America in the early 1930s was the design of the Boudin House, an early home designed by architect and architect Frank Boudina.

It was built in 1922 in Brooklyn, New York.

The Boudenans design had a naturalistic look, with bright colors, bright furniture and lots of light.

The house was inspired by the New York City skyline, with a prominent dome that looked out onto the Hudson River.

It is believed the house was built by the Bodenans to serve as a “bespoke home” for their family, but its interior was a bit more formal.

The architect of the house, Frank Burtin, had a vision for the house: he wanted the house to look like a large house that was built to accommodate two people.

“I had an idea for a large, open house, with all the rooms open,” Burtins wife, Martha, told TIME in 2012.

“It was the sort of house that a young man could get a job in, but it would look great in the living room and in the bedroom.

It would have a grand piano, a fireplace, and a very formal, open feel.”

The house is a modern design masterpiece that features an open kitchen, living room, living/dining room, and bedroom.

Martha Boudiner said the house also included a fireplace.

The interior was also very formal.

It had a large window, large windows, and large windows with big metal frames.

“The idea was to create a great house for the family, with its open kitchen and the windows,” Martha said.

“We were looking for a house that would be inviting and very inviting, which is why we had a big fireplace and the living/living room, with lots of sunlight, lots of natural light.”

The Burtens had a few changes to their home after it was built.

They decided to remove the windows in the upper levels.

“There was a lot of concern about the heat coming in, and we also had to remove some of the wood to make space,” Martha Burtiner told TIME.

“When we removed the windows we had to make the space as small as we could, because that was one of the reasons we wanted the kitchen so big.”

The new design included more open living and dining rooms and a great fireplace.

“This was one house that had a great personality,” Martha recalled.

“So we wanted a beautiful, modern feel, and that’s what we wanted.”

The interior also featured a lot more natural light, and the Burtons did away with the windows.

The home also had more windows.

“Our view was that windows, in a large home, should be open,” Martha told TIME, adding that the windows should be on the other side of the room.

“In this house, we didn’t want to block out the light.”

After the design was completed, the Burdens lived in the house for several years, and Martha Bostin said the style of the interior was “really nice.”

Martha and Frank Bostina’s Boudens lived for years in the Booden House.

They died in 1947, but the Bostins family later moved into the house.

“My grandmother loved this house so much that she wanted to go back and have it built again,” Martha explained to TIME.

In 2019, a group of architects decided to take a closer look at the Birds House, a modern home that has been on the market since the mid-1990s.

The project took place in the same building where the Birdens lived and designed their first home.

The architects spent several years researching and studying Boudins house.

They used architectural drawings and architectural renderings to identify the exact layout and scale of the home.

A major feature of the design that is unique to this home is the use of a fireplace and fireplace mantel.

The fireplace mantels are designed to be a bit larger than the windows, so that they can be used to store or warm a meal.

“What we had in mind for the fireplace mantles was that they were to be very light, so they could be a focal point for the entire home,” architect and project manager Michael Lomax told TIME of the fireplace.

When the fireplace was put in, the designers thought that it would create a much more welcoming space for the Baudins.

They also designed the fireplace to look more like the fireplace in a house with a fireplace mantle, and in particular, the mantel of the window

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