Bauhaus designer scott Tingling has opened up about his time as interior designer at the iconic American architectural firm.

The firm’s founder Max Hirsch designed some of the firm’s most famous buildings including the famed St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Lincoln Memorial, and in 2017 he said that while he was at the firm, he would not have been able to work as well as he did had he not worked at Hirsch’s company.

Tinglings new book, “Bauhaus Inside Out,” is out in paperback on September 20, and is also available on Kindle.

The book is titled “Baus Interior Design: From Hirsch to Hirsch” and will be released in paperback and Kindle editions on September 25.

In the book, Tingles talks about the relationship between Hirsch and his team, the process of creating their designs, and the challenges of working with a large team.

He also speaks about his experience designing the Lincoln memorial and the St. Pius X church at the Washington Monument.

Tings book also focuses on the work of the interior designer William Witte, whose career Tinglin says he had a “great relationship with.”

Tingly has been in the business for 30 years and said he would love to do another book on the design process of interior design.

The designer spoke to the Washington Post about his role at the Bauhaus, his favorite building, the importance of the architectural style, and what it was like to work for Hirsch.

TINGLIN: The Bauhus are a company that was born from the necessity of the industrial revolution.

In that era, architects had to be very careful about the use of light, so the Baus were designed around the idea of light.

The Baus had to do everything from interior design to light design.

That meant that you had to make a huge team.

It was a very large team, so it was not a team of designers.

HIRSH: I was the designer of the Lincoln.

I would have to think, How do I bring the light into the space?

What would be the way of lighting?

What kind of materials would be used?

And then the rest was up to me.

TINGS: One of the things I really liked about the Lincoln was that it had two sides that could be separated by glass and that the windows were covered with wood and there was a kind of sculptural aspect to the building.

There was also a great amount of detail to the architecture.

Hirsch: I would like to think that you have a much bigger team, because it is not just me.

There are a lot of people involved in the building design.

TINKLES: The building that I designed, it was in the center of the building that housed the cathedral, so I was very careful in the design that I did.

I made sure that I wanted to have a building that was really spacious.

I wanted a space that could accommodate a very big number of people.

And I wanted that space to feel like it was part of a larger space, which I think the Lincoln really does.

HISHK: I worked for the building where they did the Lincoln, which was in St. Charles Park.

I was responsible for the design of the exterior of the structure.

HITCHENS: And the interior design of that building.

HISTORIC DESIGN: I had a lot more involvement in the interior than I thought I had.

I think that was probably the most important part of the job.

TENGEL: The interior design was the most challenging part of interior, because the building is really huge and so many different spaces can be used.

So I had to think of all the different elements and think about how they would interact with one another.

And then I had an artist do it for me.

HICHER: The exterior of Lincoln is so huge, it really was an architectural wonder.

And so I had two main elements: a large scale and a smaller scale.

I also had an engineer who designed the interior of the church.

TANGEL: When I was at Hresch, I was also involved in creating a large-scale structure that housed a chapel that I was designing.

And the chapel was a big part of that.

So, for me, the design had to feel connected.

HITTEL: For me, it had to have the same feel as the other buildings around it.

HINES: I think I was lucky to work with Hirsch because of the quality of the design and the attention to detail.

But it was important that it be a beautiful design.

It needed to be an architectural masterpiece, and it had an architecture that was truly unique.

TICLER: One aspect of Hirsch that I thought was important was the way the company had an attitude toward what it wanted to do.

That’s not just

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