Danske Bank’s Danskel Sverige is a well-known Danish interior designer show, but the latest edition featured a few surprises.

Danske Sveriges Television (DSTV) and television broadcaster Aalborgs Television Network announced the show’s winners on Tuesday.

The show featured Danish interior designers from the country’s leading designers, including Nils Berglund, who is known for his innovative design for the countrys largest building, the Danish Parliament.

The winners were selected from among more than 30 entries submitted by a panel of judges.

The winners of the first edition of Dansker Sverigs Television Design Show, in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 24, 2019.

The design team, headed by Berglind, created a striking interior for the Danish parliament, a landmark building with its iconic stone facade and a spectacular courtyard.

The interior design team has also created a special “pilgrimage” for the show that will be shown in cinemas and online.

The designers, who work with the Danish National Geographic, will be traveling the world and interviewing the best designers in the world to create a show that offers the viewers a new and different view of the world.

The winning designs include the “crown of thorns” building, which has a bold yet delicate palette that reflects the Danish capital.

“We have created an extraordinary structure for the office and the museum,” Berglinder said in a statement.

The designers are currently designing the exterior for the building.

The interior designers also created the “tiger house,” an ambitious, futuristic design that will feature a complex interior that will make it a destination for visitors to stay and work.

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