Interior designer Marlene Z. is a designer with more than 30 years experience, but she’s only now getting the chance to start her own interior design business. 

“I’m always on the lookout for ideas,” Z. told Bloomberg News. 

Z. has worked with clients such as the US president, Beyonce, and actor Ryan Gosling, and she has been on the hunt for her next project since she was hired to design the interior for her new project in Atlanta. 

She’s also been working with clients who want her to design their homes, like Disney, who recently hired her to redesign the theme park’s “Home at Walt Disney World.”

“I love working with people that are passionate about their home and the things they love about it, and then being able to create something for them,” Z., who is originally from Florida, told Bloomberg. 

When she first started her own business, Z. was a student at the College of Design at Georgia State University, but decided to move to Atlanta in 2013.

She has since grown her business to more than 20 different locations, and has also been on an epic journey. 

After spending five years at the design school, Z., now a professional interior designer, started her design career in 2013 as a graphic designer at home improvement stores. 

However, it was during her time at home design stores that Z. decided to make her first design foray into interior design, and it led to the creation of the home improvement store interior design website. 

Now Z. designs interior design for a wide range of clients including Disney, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi. 

According to Z., the design of homes can be tricky, because it is not always easy to capture the feeling a home is truly a place. 

As a designer, Z, says she enjoys designing the feel of a home.

“I love that I can create something from scratch, but I also like to know how the home looks and feels before I start to design,” Z said. 

While interior design is not a glamorous field, Z.’s passion for the field has led her to create homes that feel alive and livable. 

In the last few years, Z has been working on designs for Disney and Coca-Cola.

“The first one was for ‘The Magic of Christmas’ and the second one was ‘The Home at Walt.” 

“The Home At Walt DisneyWorld” is the home for Walt Disney’s Florida resort and the company’s home for more than 2 million guests each year. 

For Z., it was an opportunity to start a home design business that could provide the perfect space for guests to spend their holidays with family. 

On Monday, Z said she was thrilled to be asked to design “The Home for Walt.”

“Working with the Disney team was an honor,” Z, who is a member of the design team for the resort, told The Hollywood Reporter.

“They are so generous, generous people.

It’s just amazing that they gave me the opportunity to do this.” 

The design was a response to Disney’s desire for guests who are “inspired by the natural world and the warmth of the ocean.” 

In a statement, Walt Disney Imagineering called Z. “An inspiring and talented designer, Marlene was the first to create a design inspired by the ‘natural world and warmth of life,'” according to a company spokesperson.

“She also made a great choice in selecting this project, with a theme inspired by Disney’s iconic theme park, ‘The Jungle Book.'” 

Z., who has previously worked for several design firms, told the Hollywood Reporter that she is excited to work with her former classmates and new team. 

 “It’s really exciting to be part of this new team and to have the opportunity I have had the opportunity in the past,” Z told the magazine. 

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