Rajeev Kumary, a Mumbai-based designer, says his business will start in 2016.

Kumary, who was inspired by a piece of furniture he found in a museum, was inspired to create the business in a recent interview.

He said he was inspired because he wanted to make a living out of designing and creating custom interior décor.

“It’s the kind of thing where it’s not so much the money, but the experience that you get to be part of the experience of creating custom furniture,” Kumary said.

He said that he is looking for clients from the interior design industry, which he said is growing in India.

“There’s not a lot of people in India who are really interested in interior design and so far I think the number of companies who are looking for interior designers is around 30 or 40.

But I think in the next 10 years it’s going to grow,” he said.

Kamary’s business is focused on interior design for interior découplers.

It has designs for furniture, kitchen utensils and even a few office items, which it sells through a website, he said, adding that he plans to focus on one brand per year.

“The idea is that the furniture is just one piece of the whole experience,” he added.

Kumar said he has been making furniture since 2004.

He first bought a small house in Mumbai, which was bought by his wife when he was still a student.

When he retired, they moved into an apartment in Mumbai.

He was inspired, he recalled, by the small house, but it was a different story after he started his business.KUMARY’S STORYKumaries wife was initially apprehensive about working with him, he noted.

But when she asked him to help her renovate her small house he was so eager to take on the job.

The business was born out of that desire.

He started making furniture for his wife after she bought a home in Mumbai from him and then moved back to Mumbai.

“We just wanted to have a place where we could have something to call our own,” Kumaries wife said.

Since then, the couple has renovated more than 10,000 homes and apartments.

He also started making custom furniture for clients, which includes a range of items for the offices and offices furniture, which are available through his website.

Kamara said that in addition to his work with his wife, he has a full-time job in Mumbai as a contractor and that he had a second job in an engineering company in Chennai.KRAMY’S TEAMKamara was born in India and is a naturalised citizen of Pakistan.

He graduated from the University of Mumbai in 2003 and studied interior design at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai before entering the industry in 2005.

Kramary has been a part of his family since he was a child.

He is also a student of architecture at Mumbai Central University.

“I studied architectural design, but in the end I decided to study interior design,” he explained.

The interior design business was one of the main reasons for his decision to pursue the business.

“I used to work in my father’s house and the second floor,” he noted, adding, “I was not happy working in a family home, so I decided that I would do something that I liked.”KUMary said that his goal is to create something that suits the clients’ needs, and that it has to be affordable.

“We have to make it affordable, we have to offer a lot.

I am looking for people who want to have something affordable.

There’s nothing expensive about it,” he pointed out.KAMARY’s PROFILEKamara is currently working on his second project, a custom kitchen utence, he explained, adding: “We have two kitchens.

One is for my wife and the other for my daughter.

I have the right to use whatever I want.”

He said that the project will be made available to all his clients through a web portal.

Kamy has been working with his clients since 2009.

“It was my first job in the industry,” he recalled.

“My wife worked at a hotel for a year and then I came to Mumbai to start my own business,” he continued.

“My father was a teacher and I came back home to India.

I went to work for a week and then started my own design business,” Kumay added.”

As soon as I got back to India I started my second job at a small hotel in Mumbai,” he told the news channel.

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