The 2018 Roaring ’21’ interior designer competition is now underway, and one of the first to win is Marc Dallman, who is winning the coveted ‘Roared ’21” award.

He was awarded the award by the American Council on Interior Design, which said he is “an outstanding designer of elegant and innovative design” who “has a gift for creating compelling yet practical spaces.”

He’s won more than 100 design awards since 2008, and the first person to win was Leland Bell in 2010.

Dallmann’s winning design for the 2018 Roared ’20” competition, “Pinnacle,” has a nod to the iconic American flag.

Dallman’s “Pilot” is a minimalist and contemporary design that combines traditional design elements with a modern, modern aesthetic, which he said was influenced by the contemporary architectural styles of New York.

He said he used an open plan layout to create “an interior space that’s easy to navigate, and easy to feel at home in.”

Dallmann also created a space that features a large window overlooking the New York skyline, and another that sits in a forest.

He says he chose to place the trees and canopy of the forest in the back because it was more “natural” for the interior design.

This design won him the “Roared’21” Design Award, which is given to the best interior designer in the world.

DALLMAN: A contemporary design icon.

A classic example of the ‘Roar ’21,’ the design movement that started with designer Richard Meier and continued through a number of designers in the 1980s and 90s.

I love that it’s not only a new concept, it’s a new style and an innovative one, and I’m honored to be the first one to receive this award.

The design of the interior space is stunning and unique, Dallmans interior design portfolio shows.

Here are some examples:A “Rococo” look.

The design for Dall’s “Roaring’21” space was inspired by the retro feel of the Roaring Twenties, Dalls home was once home to the Roar-T-Shirt Company.

He chose to design a space for the Roared Twentieth that incorporated the “old and new” elements of the 1920s and 1930s.

A large wooden desk sits in the center of the room, and two hanging lampshades sit on the wall opposite the window.

A vintage-inspired fireplace and a vintage-themed window cover decorate the fireplace.

The living room has a “pistol” and a large vintage-style mirror.

There are also a few vintage-styled bookshelves and a coffee table.DALLMAN’S HOME, NEW YORK: A modern, contemporary design with a lot of old-world influences and a “vintage” feel.

This space has a large wooden fireplace that has been lovingly made from the same materials used in the Roare-T Shirt Company.

The fireplace has an intricate detail of a gold leaf on top.

The front of the living room features a fireplace that sits on a small wooden table.

The kitchen and bathroom have a “Coffee Table” style design with wood floors and an antique-inspired wooden ceiling.

The master bedroom features a vintage look with a large fireplace.

It’s the “Pipesto” design that Dall has chosen to create.

A “Carpet” style look.

A carpet is a classic style of furniture with a solid wood floor and an angled ceiling.

It features a solid-to-wood shape and has a high-waisted, slim-fitting form.

Dalls “Coral Reef” has an “Eternal Spring” look that’s inspired by a combination of the “Old and New” styles.

It has a rounded, deep-cut, deep bench and an open window on the right side of the sofa.

The “Pipe Room” design features an open “wood” window that sits across from the dining area.

It is lined with a dark gray fabric.

The interior design includes an ornate wood table and a fireplace, a fireplace mantel and a marble fireplace mantels.

The dining room has two separate seating areas.

The dining area features a high chair in the middle of the table with an oval-shaped window across from it.

There is also a fireplace on the left side of this seating area.

The “Cake Room” features a wide open, white-washed fireplace on a wooden table in a small area in the front of this dining room.

There’s a decorative shelf on the table, and a small marble fireplace in the fireplace mantles.

The entire dining area is covered with a wood paneling, and there is a “Bedding” style wall in the kitchen.

The kitchen is decorated with “Pineapple” decor.

It includes a white

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