A Vancouver design firm is teaming up with Vancouver architect Frank Cazaretti to create a home that would “provide a window on our city” and be a “visual metaphor for Vancouver’s future.”

The Enviro-Inspired Living project will combine the elements of traditional design with an eco-friendly approach, and will be located on the former site of the former UBC-B.C. campus.

It will also incorporate a green roof.

The project will be “the first of its kind” and will incorporate eco-inspired features like a greenhouse, rainwater collection, rain water harvesting system and a “bio-fabric” to create an “immersive environment.”

“The Enviros Living Home is a vision for an urban living environment that embraces the natural world and the energy of nature,” said Frank Cazararesi, the director of Urban Design and Architecture for The Envros Living Living.

“It will offer an escape from the city, but also be an energy-efficient alternative to a city living experience.”

The design team has already worked with Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang and is currently working with architect and designer Jason Farr.

“The concept is a blend of traditional, traditional urban design, traditional design and eco-sustainable design,” said John Farr, the project’s design director.

“The design concept will include a green facade and an eco roof, with rainwater harvesting and a rainwater capture system.”

The project will include the addition of a rain water collection system to provide rainwater to the roof.

The project’s website also details the environmental aspects of the design.

“This project combines traditional and eco design principles in order to create the most environmentally friendly home ever created,” the site reads.

“From the exterior design, the interior design, and the design of the living spaces, The Enviro Living Home embodies a combination of traditional and environmentally sustainable design principles.”

The new home is located in a residential neighborhood in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

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