Interior design can be tricky for people of color.

In the case of black and ethnic Americans, it’s even trickier because they’re still more likely to live in poverty.

They often struggle with social exclusion and stigma, and their own personal lives are often at odds with their outward appearance.

They’re also more likely than whites to be unemployed and underemployed.

So if you want to create a design that works for them, you have to understand their experience.

The best way to do that is to focus on their strengths.

The first step in that direction is to understand how they live and how their communities view them.

“When you start with an interior design that’s about the people in your community, then you can make an argument for why your design is going to be more appealing to the people you’re trying to connect with,” said Bauhaus founder and designer Walter Gropius.

“For example, in the African-American community, the home is often considered a symbol of power, and that’s often not the case in the white community.”

This is why Baukas design team focused on creating a space that feels inclusive of both black and white Americans, whether it’s the space where they live or in their own neighborhoods.

In addition to designing a space for both black Americans and whites to connect, Bauhas designers also designed an outdoor bar where people could gather.

The bar was designed to evoke the vibrancy of a vibrant city with a vibrant outdoor dining area and a full-service bar.

“We wanted to use the environment to connect people, and our goal was to create an environment that was more inviting for people who are just coming into the neighborhood,” said Niki Lipscomb, the lead interior designer for the design team.

“Our goal was always to give people a space to be themselves.”

The Bauhamas design team also included elements like glass panels and sculptures that would give the space a playful feel.

“There’s a lot of things that can come with a little bit of design.

It’s not something that you have an excuse to throw away,” said Lipsuff.

“The first thing I did was I bought a bunch of glass and I started to work on the shape of it.

Then I started doing the shapes on the wall.

I wanted to make sure that the shapes were consistent and that I didn’t do too much, so I could work on it later.”

The bar’s shape was inspired by the Black Panther Party in the 1960s, which inspired the design of the bar’s glass panels.

Bauhopas design process began by taking inspiration from other cities.

“I started to get inspired by places that I knew that people lived in, like the Black Hills, in California,” Lipsuch said.

“And then I got to learn about how the Black Panthers were running the Black Liberation Army.

Then, I went to visit the Black church where they were organizing.

It really helped me to understand what people had gone through and what they had gone to.”

To create the bar, the designers worked closely with the local Black community.

“They were a very active part of the design process,” Lippsuc said.

They created the bar on the back of a black family car, which was a popular way for the group to get together for a barbecue.

“At the beginning, we tried to create something that was like a museum in a way, where you walk into the building and you see people hanging out, or sitting on benches, or you’re sitting at a table,” said Wazir Shah, the associate principal of Bauam’s Black Design and Design Institute.

“That’s what they’re doing in the design and it’s what you can really see when you walk in.”

Lipsuc said that the bar was initially intended to serve only people who live in the Black community, but she was encouraged to create it for everyone.

“Once we got a little closer to the design, I started getting people that are in the neighborhood, and the people that I know in the community,” Lipsy said.

The team also created a space in the front of the house that was designed for people to share ideas and ideas for their neighborhood.

“It’s kind of a shared space that has the vibe of the Black family, which is very welcoming,” Lizz said.

She also noted that they’re trying different ideas to bring people together, from using different types of murals and sculptures to adding a mural to the front door.

“In the end, we want people to be able to share a vision and an identity,” Lix said.

As for the bar itself, it features a black-and-white glass panel that sits in the middle of a white floor.

The black- and white panels were added to the wall and were designed by Bauhoas art director

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