A new survey from the Shanghai-based China Design Research Institute has found that most Chinese people think it is inappropriate to decorate homes with white, pink or blue, or that the use of white is offensive.

But the institute says the survey also found that many of the people surveyed thought it was important to keep decorating in accordance with their cultural traditions.

The institute, which was founded in 2001, conducts research on the relationship between architecture and design and conducts workshops on design and culture.

Its president, Zheng Qiang, told The Associated Press on Thursday that Chinese people’s attitudes toward decorating are changing.

“The most important thing is that we want to live in a society that celebrates the beautiful,” Zheng said.

“If you don’t do that, then the people who come from other countries will think you’re crazy.”

For many Chinese, there is a desire to retain traditional ways of living. “

But we’re going to continue to educate people.”

For many Chinese, there is a desire to retain traditional ways of living.

The country’s most popular designer, Li Yonghong, said he is not worried about white decor being replaced.

He believes that people need to learn about how they decorate and that their own habits can be modified.

“It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not for everyone,” he said.

“I think it’s better to keep the traditional style, but I also think it would be good to have more variety in the designs.”

The institute said it will also focus on the impact of globalization on the home and the changing nature of the design.

For example, it will look at how to create a more welcoming environment for people from the developing world.

The survey also asked participants to rank the most important aspects of the home they enjoy decorating, including how they use the bathroom, what their favorite foods are, what time of day they spend in the room, and what other things they love to decorating.

Some people said that they would like to see the use the space for entertainment, such as a film theater or dance studio.

Some people said they enjoy to be near nature and to walk around the garden or in the courtyard.

Some respondents also said they were concerned about the health of their children, or would like a children’s playground.

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