Designer Philip Jones and wife Emily Jones have been working on a home they’re calling The Castle in Philadelphia for the past few months.

The couple are creating a home that’s meant to blend both modern and classic, which means they’ve decided to go with modern architecture.

The home is called the Jones Castle and the architects, Emily and Philip Jones, are creating it in a modernist style that’s a mix of modernism and traditional architecture.

The Jones Castle is an example of modern design and has a modern and classical style, and the couple says it was inspired by a family retreat that they once had in Paris.

Philip Jones and Emily Jones created a modernistic design for the Jones castle in Philadelphia.

Emily Jones has designed many home designs, including the White House in Washington.

The home will be constructed using an “ultra modern” design, and it will include a lot of natural light, light-filled rooms, and natural ventilation throughout the home.

The design is meant to combine elements of a traditional retreat and a modern design, which allows the Jones family to combine these two styles.

The designer said, “We wanted to create something that would be both modern yet also have a modern touch.

We wanted to bring back the old days of the house.

And we wanted to do that in a way that was respectful of the history of this place.”

The design is set to go up for sale on June 25, and you can find out more about the design and plans on the Jones’s website.

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