When it comes to designing homes, a new generation of home buyers are demanding more interior design skills.

The National Association of Home Builders says that more than 3 million jobs in the U.S. are at risk if the country continues to grow at the same pace.

The NHABC says the trend has been especially strong among young professionals, as they’re starting out in the industry.

For example, homebuyers who had a bachelor’s degree or higher are now more likely to have at least some degree in home design.

The median household income for homebuyer is $67,600, up 2.7 percent from 2016, according to the NHA BC.

But for those looking to buy a home, they’re more likely than the next group to have some experience designing homes.

In addition, the NHBC says homebuyrs have fewer options when it comes building their homes.

That means more people are choosing to rent instead of buying a home.

In addition, many people who live in rented homes can’t afford to purchase a home on their own, so they may not have the skills needed to design one.

“We are seeing a very strong emphasis on the skills and education necessary to design and construct a home,” said Laura Aiken, director of NHA.

“The trend toward a more residential environment is one factor that is driving home prices up and keeping homeownership low.

However, there are other factors at play that contribute to the trend as well.”

In addition to homebuying skills, the new generation is looking to learn more about the products they’re buying, as well as how to manage their finances.

For that, the association recommends that homeowners develop an inventory tracking system, which helps them track their finances, and then create an online shopping cart to help them buy items at local and online retailers.

The NHA is also recommending that homebuyters spend time looking at how products are packaged, and make sure they can identify items that are more expensive, because that’s how they can plan for a more sustainable future.

“If you’re looking for a home that’s going to last, and you’re going to enjoy the opportunity to stay in your own home, that’s what you’re really looking for,” said Aiken.

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