Interior designers at the Villa Maria of the Palazzo Sant’Anna in Naples, Italy, have spent the past two weeks creating the perfect interior for the home.

The interior includes a modern, modernist design that has the look of a contemporary home with modern and contemporary elements, according to the architects.

The house has a spacious, open design, with a number of windows and a large open courtyard.

The Villa Maria is one of the few modernist homes in the world and was designed by Italian architect Stefano Giovannini.

It has a beautiful, modern, and elegant design, the architects said in a statement.

The design features a variety of materials and finishes, with some parts being painted to mimic the real estate market.

The architects plan to put a $4 million donation toward the project.

The Villa Maria, located in Naples and owned by the Sant’Annes, is in the heart of Naples, where it sits atop a hill and overlooks the Apennines River.

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