We’re just starting to get a glimpse at the best of the week, so we wanted to run down some of the 100 most intriguing designs. 

As always, our picks are curated by our editors, and reflect their expert opinion. 

In addition to this week’s 100 most stunning designs, we also have a look at some of our favorite designers from last year.

This year, we chose to highlight some of their boldest, most dramatic, and most eye-catching designs, as well as their most subtle and clever. 


D’Angelo’s Design by D’Angelo Designer: Dangelo’s Design (L.A.-based) Larger than life, D’Antones is the brand that’s bringing pop culture to the living room. 

The showy, oversized-and-dazzling dapper-guy, who is the creator of the popular pop-culture website PopSugar, wears a number of clothing lines. 

While the line has expanded from pop culture into the home and beyond, D&R’s main line remains its signature pieces. 


Punktatik by L.A. based design firm (Tijuana, Mexico) Designers: Karen Daley, Yvonne Riggs (Los Angeles) 2/28/2017 Lately, punk-inspired outfits have been popping up in more and more fashion shows, including at Fashion Week, and this summer will be no exception. 

L.I.D.D., a collective of women designers, has brought punk-rockers to the forefront with their collaboration with punk rockers and pop star Skrillex. 

Karena, an LA-based designer and pop artist, was inspired to create a collection with her sister and collaborator, Yvette Riggs, who specializes in hip-hop and fashion. 



by S.W.. 

Design by: Sandy B. (New York City) The designer behind this oversized, geometric piece is a native of New York City who lives and works in the Bay Area. 

She designed this design for S. W.A., a nonprofit organization that supports homeless people. 


Candy by J.H. Wiggin Design (Boca Raton, Florida) It’s not often that a designer can draw attention to itself with this one, but that’s exactly what designer J. H. Wigggin is doing with this bold and modern collection. 

Boca raton is a city famous for its beaches, but the designers use a unique combination of materials to bring their unique design to life. 


Laurel-a-Lotta by Jules Rieger Design: Lauren S. Design (Los Angeles, California) Laurer-a -Lotta’s work with L.

I, a brand based in Brooklyn, has been a huge hit. 

Since 2009, the designer has been inspired by the world of fashion and fashion-forwardness. 

This collaboration with fashion house Dior was so eye-opening, the designers decided to keep it under wraps for the time being. 


Nelson Mandela by Sylvie Dufresne Design and accessories: Bridgette Hensley (San Francisco) This was one of the first pieces from the designer of The Hensleys Collection to be released at Fashion Weeks, and the result is one of her best pieces yet. 

We were surprised by how well this piece fits the Henslers’ lifestyle. 


Adorable by Kate Spade Designs: Kate Spade (Brooklyn, New York) A bit of a departure from the usual runway looks, this is a very girly and feminine piece, and Kate Spades style is very feminine and feminine-looking. 

 We like the fact that the designer chose to wear a light color for this look, and also opted for a floral print, which is one thing we love about Spades designs.8. 

J.C. Penney by Rajesh Datta Design & accessories:  Rajeshas Datta (London, UK) We have been following his Instagram posts and he has some of his best-looking looks this season, and his latest is definitely a standout for our favorite designer. 

A lot of the pieces on his Instagram feed are made with his own materials, and he takes care of his details. 


St. Laurent by Jules Riggs (Los Angeles, California, United States) Riggs has always been known for his bold, playful and provocative pieces, but his latest collection is definitely one of his signature pieces from this season. 

It is definitely bold, fun and

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