In this episode of Recode’s The Code, host Kara Swisher takes a look at the most important things in a home interior design course.

1:10 Kara Swishers Kara Swish and co-host Adam B. Levine discuss the best and worst interior design lessons learned from their favorite episodes.

1-10:20: The Code: The Art of Design by Daniel P. Klein (W.W. Norton, 2015) by Daniel KleinThe Code: the Art of design: Daniel P Klein has been an art director and design consultant for more than two decades.

He has taught design classes in New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin, as well as the art of video games, video games design, and film.


The Art Of Design: The Making Of An Audiobook (Audible, 2013) by Dan Klein The Art: Dan Klein has written or co-authored more than 100 books.

In his latest book, The Art is In: How To Make Everything You Want, he shares his favorite and least favorite interior design tutorials.

3:00 How To Build Your Own House by Andrew KosteckiHow to build your own house: A book by Andrew M. Kostelny, published in 2013.

In this book, Kosteliks is sharing his favorite tips for building a home that’s easy to live in and looks great.

2:40 The Code is a Blog by Dan Simmons How to build a blog: Dan Simmons shares his best tips for using a blog and building a blog.

3-4:00: How to Build A DIY Home by Andrew MillerHow to buy a house, building a house and more: Andrew Miller has a series of books about building DIY homes, which he calls How To Buy A House, Build A House and More. 1

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