Interior designer tampabay, the largest homebuilder in the country, has announced plans to build what they call a “minimalist” cabin in their Orlando, Florida apartment complex. 

The cabin is a small apartment with the kitchen and bathroom, as well as a bathroom and living area.

It is located in an industrial area that has a large number of parking spaces and an open courtyard. 

While there is a lot of attention paid to the cabin design, the interior designer notes that they did not design the interior of the cabin, but the interior design of the apartment itself. 

“In our experience, small apartment complexes are designed to be minimalist,” the company said in a statement. 

A small apartment, as they call it, is one where most of the furniture is not too big and the space is close to a common space.

It can be a bit more “living room oriented” and “lighter” than a big apartment. 

One of the perks of a cabin is the ability to be outdoors for the night.

A cabin can be built to accommodate up to two people, and they can be placed in a space where they can enjoy a quiet place to sit down and watch TV. 

They can also be placed right next to an outdoor pool, a pool, and a poolside deck. 

In this cabin, the bathroom has a sink, a dishwasher, and an air conditioning unit.

The cabin also has a walk-in closet that is open, with storage for everything in the house. 

To find out more about the cabin they are building in Orlando, the company has released a press release with the images.

The cabin features an open-plan living area, a fireplace, and windows. 

On the other side of the living room, the kitchen has a pantry and an oven. 

Inside, there is an oversized bed, two large beds, a double bed, and the bathroom with a vanity and a sink. 

Overall, the cabin has four bathrooms, three walk-ins closets, and five different appliances. 

It has been built to be compact and to have a minimalist design. 

However, they also pointed out that the cabin is not meant to be the perfect living space. 

According to the company, “the cabin is designed to accommodate only four people, making it a little more like a standard sized apartment than an apartment.” 

“There is no furniture or appliances that are not included in the living area and the entire space can be set aside to allow people to have privacy and solitude,” the press release stated. 

For more information about the company’s plans for the cabin visit 

You can follow them on Twitter: @Tampacabayan, @cabintampabays, and @thecabinhouse.

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