From the inside, designers have been working overtime to improve the interior design of major Canadian cities for decades.

But a recent survey by the Canadian Association of Interior Architects says the interior designers of Toronto are far behind the rest of the country when it comes to quality.

“In terms of quality of design, Toronto is behind the other major cities in Canada, and in the world,” said John Baudrillard, the association’s president.

“The fact that we are not far behind is the result of the lack of a solid plan for how to go about it.”

And Baudillard says Toronto is also failing to take into account the city’s demographics.

“Toronto has a fairly small population compared to the size of the city, so the city has to be more sensitive to what people want and want to be,” he said.

“If they want something that is aesthetically pleasing and a little bit larger, then you have to consider that.”

And while some of the problems might seem obvious, many interior designers say there is more work to be done.

“A lot of interior designers will say, ‘Oh, we have to do better,'” said Baudllard.

“I don’t think so.”

To help make the city a better place, Baudell is asking some of his clients to consider the impact of their designs on the city.

“One of the things that I have noticed is that the cities in which I do work, it seems that they are less concerned about the exterior than the interior,” he explained.

“You can see it on the street.

You can see a bit more of the people, a bit less of the buildings, and more of what’s going on inside.”

The Toronto Star spoke with Baudells designers, and found that he had found that his clients were taking advantage of the design tools he is using to create an attractive and functional home for themselves.

“It’s like if you are a designer and you have a house in your basement that has a fireplace, and you want to put a big sign in front of it that says ‘Make it a good house,'” said Kiki Chappell, who has designed for the CBC.

“But the sign says, ‘We are building a home here.’

And you know that you want a big, shiny sign saying, ‘Make this a great home.’

You can’t do that with just a big fireplace.”

Baudallards solution: create an office, an office space, a small office space and a larger one, where he can show off his designs.

“We’re just saying, look at the world.

The world is big, and we’re a small place, and that’s what I’m saying,” he told the Star.

The problem with designers who have been focused on the outside world?

“The outside is really a reflection of the person that you are,” he added.

“There are so many people in Toronto, and so many different ways that people are seeing you.”

Boodell says that even though he has been working with interior designers in Toronto for a while, he has never been able to replicate the quality of work he has seen from designers in other cities.

“My clients are very much aware of the quality that I do,” he admitted.

“And I can’t take away from that.

I don’t know why.

I think that it’s a quality that is there in Toronto that we’re not always aware of.

And it’s not just the design, it’s the work that goes into the home itself.”

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