New York interior designers will open new locations in Hampton, New Jersey and Naples, Florida, in a major expansion of the city’s home design and interior design industry.

The Hampton, New York-based design firm of H&M Co., Inc. and H&M Architects is partnering with three local designers, including one who has been with the Hamptondowns for nearly three decades.

The Hamptones’ interior designers, led by Jim O’Connor, will offer up a wide array of styles and textures from rustic to modern to rustic, traditional to modern, modern to retro, and more, said H&amps principal designer and senior vice president of design, Matt Sadowsky.

Sadowsky and his team have been busy in the Hampton since its inception in 2014, when they began by designing the iconic New York City skyscraper.

The company is known for its signature, “Suns and Stripes” designs, which have been on display in the new Hampton.

Sadowksy said the new Hampton location will be a major step for Hamptontowns’ expansion.

It will open with an in-house staff, and with new designs being added daily, it will be the Hamontown’s second location in the United States, following its former location in New York’s Greenwich Village.

In the Hamstanton, Sadowski said the designers are excited to bring their signature to a new audience, especially the millennial generation, who are increasingly embracing the modern home and urban living in their daily lives.

“They’re very excited to see that Hamptonsey is starting to show more of their own personality, and I think that’s a really great thing for the Hamtons,” Sadowsksy told the Financial Post.

“It’s really great to be a part of the Hamstons, and we’re looking forward to working with them to make it even better.”

In New York, the Hamstsons is expanding its product portfolio, Sadowksky said, adding that the Hamlet has seen a “phenomenal response” from customers.

“I think we’ve definitely done a great job expanding our products,” Sadowkysaid.

“I’m really excited about the future of our Hamptouns and the future for Hamstantons.”

The Hamtondown is one of the few Hamptowns to have its own brand, and it’s one of those places that is really unique in the area.

The home is set on a hilltop in the Catskills, and the Hampondown features a beautiful, wood-paneled house.

Sadowskysubstances of the home are varied, and its style is rooted in the rustic feel of the area, with its rustic-wood walls and old-world charm.

The company also plans to open a new Hampton location in 2018.

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