When we think of the best interior design, the first name that comes to mind is the 1920s.

The design of homes, as well as offices and hotels, was so innovative that it inspired a whole new generation of architects.

The style of architecture and interior design was so much ahead of its time, in so many ways, that it’s impossible to imagine a time when it didn’t have an impact on our lives.

The 1940s saw a revival of traditional styles in the U.S. and abroad, and in particular in the Pacific Northwest, where the influence of the Pacific design school was especially powerful.

This is a history that’s worth revisiting as we look back on the 1940s.

The origins of the modern interior design style in the 1940’s The Pacific Northwest in the early 1940s The Pacific design schools’ influence on the early interior design design style and its impact on contemporary design While Pacific design was a major influence on modern interior designers, it was not the only one.

A variety of designers from around the world started to incorporate Pacific design ideas into their work.

In addition to the Pacific School of Architecture and Urban Design in Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Institute of Design in San Francisco was also one of the major influences on the Pacific Coast.

Pacific Institute of Architecture, 1940s and the Pacific coast in general, from 1940-1943.

It’s the Pacific school that has been most influential on contemporary interior design One of the earliest major designers to use Pacific school ideas was the architect Edward A. Pemberton, who had been studying the styles in his native New England.

He started out working at the Pacific College of Architecture in Portland and worked in the building industry in New England before moving to California to work for the Pacific Pacific Railroad.

“The Pacific school of architecture was influenced by the Pacific style and the early Pacific Northwest,” said Pembert’s son, Edward Pembertons.

“They looked at Pacific architecture as the culmination of the style of the late nineteenth century.”

Pemberton worked on a number of buildings in New York City, including the Empire State Building, which was the first skyscraper to feature Pacific design.

Pewter Building, 1946 Pemberts early Pacific style, the Pearl Hotel, and the Empire Hotel in Manhattan.

Pembroke Pines, 1947 The Pearl Hotel in Pemberter, Oregon.

During the Pacific War, Pacific design influenced many of the design work done in the United States.

One early influence on Pemberters work was the Pacific Association of Architects.

At the association’s meeting in 1937, Pacific architect Walter M. Krieger proposed the idea of using Pacific design to design for the Navy.

Kries work led to the creation of the Navy Association, and Pacific design soon became one of its major themes.

American design became Pacific school style, in the form of Pacific Pacific Design School.

After World War II, many Pacific schools became major influence in American design, including Pacific Institute, Pacific College, Pacific Design Schools, and Pembran School.

The Pacific Institute was the major influence during this period.

This photo shows the Pacific architecture school in its Pacific Design Center in Portland.

Another key influence on American design during this time period was the National Association of Home Builders, founded in 1935, that is still active today.

More Pacific school influence, including in the construction industry and on interior design The Pacific school influenced the construction of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

For example, when architects of the American Century building on Washington Street in New Jersey were looking for ideas for a modern design for their home, Pacific School architect Richard H. Tappenberg suggested a design that was very close to the style and function of the old buildings in the city.

According to historian Scott Wilson, Pembertz’ design was “one of the first major projects of Pacific architecture that was not a new building in a new place, but rather a new construction that was built on a site that had been used as a factory.”

The American Century at the time was the tallest building in New America and was home to the US Mint, which became one the largest commercial enterprises in the world.

There were also Pacific schools in other industries.

For example, the New York World Herald Building, designed by Pember’s son and later known as the Rockefeller Center, had a Pacific School section on its exterior that was the inspiration for the building.

Later Pacific School designers worked on other buildings and also built the Hoover Dam in Nevada, a major tourist attraction in the 1920, and also in the 1930s, when Pacific School was involved in the Great Depression.

Hoover Dam, 1930s and Pacific School architecture in Nevada.

Despite its influence on many facets of American architecture, the American design schools weren’t the only ones that influenced the Pacific landscape.

In fact, Pacific schools also played a significant role

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