How to Design an Awesome House From the 1920’s by Chris Oleson.

In the 1920 the average home in America was about five stories tall.

In comparison today that number has decreased to just one story.

A decade ago the average American home was five stories high.

Now, thanks to advances in building technology and home design, that number is closer to two stories high in a typical home.

The design team at Havenly Design took this trend in a different direction.

Havenly is a luxury house brand, so they took inspiration from the luxurious interior design style of the 1920-30s.

Havenly Design’s new home design house in the 1930s.

The house is made up of two story high walls.

“Havens” design philosophy was to design for a sense of spaciousness.

This house is about five story high.

The walls are stacked vertically in the form of an obelisk.

Havens designers say it gives the house a sense that it is a “chill tower” rather than a traditional “stairwell.”

The designer notes that the house is not for everyone, and that the style needs to be unique for the individual.

Haven’s house is located in the picturesque area of the city, but you can see the same kind of architecture and design in the home of another famous designer, the architect James Burnham.

The home of James Burnley, which is in the center of the image, was designed by Havenly and built in the mid-1920s.

Burnham designed houses from the 1930’s to the 1960’s.

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