The Hamptons is a pretty big city with a lot of real estate to it.

And that includes homes, shops, and restaurants.

We thought we’d look at some of the most popular places in the area, and find out which are the most iconic, and how it relates to the Hampton.


The Old Navy in Westbury The Old Navy is a staple of the Hampton and the best thing about it is that it’s just a fun place to hang out.

We loved that the store itself is pretty cute, as is the view from the store.

The store is a place to shop, a place for families to meet, and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

It’s the kind of place you’d see on TV or in movies. 

The interior of the store, where the store is located, is designed by the same architect as the building that houses it, the Westbury Public Library.

This is the same design that was used to design the Westfield Mall in Brooklyn, which is the city’s largest public library. 


The Waldorf Astoria in Greenwich Village We didn’t think it was too much of a stretch to call the Waldorf a “Hampton icon.”

The hotel, which has a grand, multi-level hotel on the ground floor, is a favorite place for tourists and locals alike.

The interior is the sort of design that you’d expect in a New York City hotel, and the hotel itself is very comfortable and modern.

The hotel itself has been renovated and reopened to the public in recent years. 


The Hudson River in Greenwich The Hudson River is a beautiful waterway, and this design is pretty much a must-see. 

We’re not sure why the designers decided to take the Hudson and add a bridge to it, but it’s the best part of the whole place.

This design has become a popular fixture on tourist and urban maps of New York, with it’s iconic silhouette and design that draws tourists to the area. 


The Biltmore Estate in Chelsea The Biltmont is a residential neighborhood in the Hamiltons that is home to the home of the Chelsea Piers, a residential development in the Hudson River.

The home of many celebrities including Bill Murray and Richard Gere, the Biltmans are one of the best-known homes in the neighborhood. 

There’s something about this house that makes it feel like you’re in the country, even if it’s in the middle of a residential area.

We’re sure the designers wanted the house to be iconic, but they did the right thing. 


The Westfield mall in Brooklyn We were excited to find out that the designers of the Westland Mall, a shopping center in Brooklyn and part of Westbury, have an interest in the city as a whole.

We love how the designers have done an interesting redesign of the mall, and it’s not just for the benefit of the home.

This redesign of a shopping mall in Westchester was done by the designers for a private company called Evernote. 


The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Greenwich, NY We really loved the design of this hotel, but we’re not big fans of the name.

The design is one of our favorites in the entire Hamptont, but the name is a bit of a misnomer.

The real name of this place is the Grand Hyat Hotel. 


The Greenwich Art Museum in Greenwich

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