An interiors designer has created a sleek and modern design that can be enjoyed in a number of different spaces.

The interior of a church is an important part of the design process, says Joanna Hensley, an interior designer based in the US and New Zealand.

The way the interior is designed is very important for the overall experience, she says.

In her experience, the design is based on a mix of the traditional and modern.

“A lot of interior designers, they try to find a balance between the two, which is why they make this big bold statement about the exterior,” she says, adding that her designs aim to be both “the modern, but also the traditional”.

She explains that the goal is to make the interior look as if it’s a piece of furniture and the exterior as if an ordinary house.

“It’s a balance, but I think we have a lot of work to do in terms of how we design,” she adds.

The concept of interior design can be tricky.

The basics of interior planning include the layout of the spaces, the type of furniture, how to get people into the spaces and where they want to sit.

This means that you have to understand the space and know what the mood is, she explains.

“There are a lot more things to consider, like lighting and the space you’re working in, so you have lots of questions to ask yourself.”

The designer says she often gets asked questions like, “what is the most important thing in a church?”, or “what’s the best way to make sure people have a good time?”.

“So, I try to do a good job of answering those questions,” she explains, explaining that her goal is “to make it so the interior design has the most to offer, so people can have a great time”.

The design is also important because it’s an opportunity to create a visual language for the interior, she adds, meaning the design needs to be accessible to people who might not be familiar with the concept.

“So it’s not just a traditional room, it’s also a room where people can feel comfortable and comfortable with,” she suggests.

The designer explains that she has also designed other interiors, such as a lounge, a reception room and an open-air space.

“But for a number and a half years I’ve been trying to find that balance,” she concludes.

“I think that’s the key to the design, that you try to balance it, so it’s fun, it makes people feel at home and that’s important.”

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