When you’re looking to get the most out of your bedroom, it’s important to remember how it looks, and to think about how you can make it more functional.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of designing a bedroom, from the basics to the most difficult challenges.

We’ll also explore how to use different materials to give your room a distinctive look, and discover how to create unique bedspreads, pillows and pillows.

Read more 1/4 A bedstand, with a bedroll, is pictured in a bedroom interior designer’s workshop, in Paris, France, February 25, 2020.

Reuters 2/4 The bedstand is pictured with a pillow in a bathroom at a residential property in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 15, 2020, after being donated by a resident to the building.

Reuters 3/4 Bedspreads and pillowcases are pictured at the house of a property developer in Singapore, March 5, 2021.

Reuters 4/4 In this home design studio in Singapore’s central business district, a sofa, bedroll and bedroll are pictured, on the top floor, on February 10, 2021, at a design studio.

Reuters 1/6 A bedroll is pictured on a bedstand in a residential home in Dubai in 2018.

Reuters/Athar Hussain 2/6 The bedroll in a home design workshop in Singapore.

Reuters3/6 Bedspread pillows are pictured in an apartment in London, England, February 15, 2019, as part of a programme to create the most sustainable home.

Reuters4/6 At the bottom of the bedroom, a bedspread and a pillow are pictured with other items.

Reuters1/6A bedroll – shown here on a sofa in a luxury hotel, Dubai, is seen in a room at the Al Jazira hotel in Dubai on March 4, 2021 Reuters/Ahmed Aboul Gheit 2/5 A bedspread is pictured at a residence in London on February 17, 2021 as part on a programme created by property developers to create homes that are more sustainable.

Getty Images 3/5 Bedspreading pillows on a room in a property in Singapore on February 12, 2021 is seen as part part of the Sustainable Homes initiative, a collaboration between property developers and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

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