Inside the interior of an Evangelical church is a big part of the experience for most people.

It’s the space where you’re most likely to meet people, sit down to a meal, or listen to a sermon.

The interior design of the church, however, has been a topic of conversation for years, as the idea of using recycled materials to make something that’s more “modern” and contemporary has been gaining traction.

Here’s why it’s time for churches to rethink how they approach their interior design.


Reuse can be the solution To some degree, churches can be re-purposed to make room for new events and programs.

But what if churches want to take their interior decorating to the next level?

This isn’t the first time a church has come to this conclusion, and it certainly won’t be the last.

The church interior has always been an important part of what makes a church go well, but the question is whether it’s possible to make it more “artful.”

In a sense, that’s exactly what interior designers are working on today.

“We can be more creative with the design of a church,” says James C. Hines, the director of design at Re-Vue in Brooklyn.

“Our interior is the only part of a cathedral that you can’t go into without taking pictures.”

With so many different elements that need to be added to the interior, Hines says, the idea is to find ways to reuse old elements in ways that “create a more contemporary, contemporary experience.”

“There’s no better way to reuse than to re-use a church to make an impact,” he says.

That impact is going to have an impact on how people will experience the church.

If you’re planning a wedding, for example, the church interior could be reused for the reception area and guests could still sit and have a good time.

If it’s a wedding party, the space could be transformed into a more comfortable place for people to gather, and the interior could change.

For a church that’s just starting out, that kind of change can be a bit jarring.

But, if you’re ready to start adding more spaces, the Re-Visioning project is starting to push the envelope.

The Re-visioning project started in 2011 with a group of designers, and today it has over 100 participants in the United States.

“The idea is that we’re working with different churches and trying to bring some of their ideas into the ReVisioning process,” says C.D. Anderson, who is the group’s president.

“It’s a community-led effort that has been incredibly successful.”

There are many ideas for how to incorporate recycled materials in churches, Anderson says.

For example, a church could use recycled carpet or old stained glass windows to make a more modern, contemporary feel.

But for churches that are already a long way from a major renovation, the use of recycled materials can also be a way to “reuse old, but modern materials.”

There is no official timeline for when churches can start reusing their interior.

“When it’s an open call, we’re still figuring out exactly what the timeframe is,” Anderson says, adding that the ReVue group will start working with churches next month.

Re-vue plans to offer the ReShapes program for churches in 2020, and Anderson says that the company is also working with some churches to find out how they can incorporate recycled material into their interior designs.


You can’t get away with using recycled material without breaking the law If you don’t break the law, it’s probably okay to recycle a church’s interior.

But there are some rules about using recycled wood or cardboard in churches.

The first is that it has to be recycled, and there has to have been a decision made that it’s not going to harm the environment.

The second is that the church must not have a structure that is a hazard to the environment, such as a roof or other structural elements that could potentially pose a risk to wildlife.

That last rule, however (and a similar one for other elements of the building), has never been enforced in the past.

But the church itself could potentially be breaking the rules.

“There are certain things that you could break that would be very illegal in the state of New York,” Anderson notes.

“If you use the wood, you could be breaking it into pieces.

If a church is using the wood in a way that it will damage wildlife, you can potentially be violating that.”

And, as with many things in the church industry, there are no official rules about what constitutes “recycled materials,” and that’s the area where ReVues could be in trouble.


You have to recycle before you can use it Re-designing, which started with a community of designers and architects, has grown into an industry of around 50 designers and a dozen other organizations.

And although Re-Designing has been around for a long time

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