Italian interior designer Maximalist Interior Design has teamed up with a German interior designer to create a house inspired by the works of famous Italian architect Pietro della Torre.

The house, designed by Maximalists interior design firm, Maximalistic Interior Design, features a central courtyard, an indoor/outdoor living area, and a courtyard that runs along the perimeter of the house.

The house is designed to create the perfect environment for the family to gather for family gatherings and to enjoy a relaxing evening, with an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and a gym.

The interior design of the residence features a blend of Italian and German interior design elements to create an exquisite interior.

The exterior of the home is a modern take on classic Italian architecture, with a traditional Italian design motif that includes a fireplace and the words “Et tu, Giotto” (you are mine).

“We wanted to create something that would evoke the beauty of Italy, to create this space where we could gather, relax and enjoy a nice evening,” Maximalism interior design CEO, Simone Giacobone told BBC Sport.

“In our world of big city life, we are used to a lot of loud parties and loud people, so we wanted to give the family a space to gather and relax, in this case with a fireplace.”

It was a lot to ask but I really believe that it was the right thing to do.

It was an idea we felt needed to be created and it is an example of how we will be working on this project in the future.

“Giacobones interior design studio has worked with Pietro Della Torres, a well-known Italian architect, for more than 30 years.

Della Torras classic designs include the home of the Giordano Bruno family, which is currently in the process of being renovated.

Dellacore also created an entire home from scratch using materials he received from the designer.”

The house is a collaboration between Maximalistas interior design and Pietro.

He was very excited to help with the design of this house and we really couldn’t be more thrilled,” Giacotens Giacobin, Maximaises interior design vice president, said.

The home is currently under construction and will have a grand opening on March 17.

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